Composition Instructor                                                                  January 2012-Present
Colorado State University
  • CO150: College Composition
  • CO150: College Composition for Natural Resources and Sustainability Living Learning Community
  • CO300: Writing Arguments
  • E140: Study of Literature
  • E232: Introduction to Humanities
  • E238: 20th Century Fiction
Tutor                                                                                                           September 2011-Present
  • Assist elementary through high school students who are international and/or second language learners with language, reading, and writing skills

Graduate Teaching Assistant                                       August 2008-May 2010       

Colorado State University      

  • CO150 (College Composition): 6 sections
  • Daily lesson planning
  • Curriculum planning
  • Created and used a website for course discussions
  • Grading
  • One-on-one student conferences

Teaching Assistant                                                                           August-December 2007                

Utah Valley University

  • English 1010 (Introduction to Writing)
  • Observed Dr. Jans Wager’s teaching style
  • Aided in class preparation
  • Taught several small units and two larger ones
  • “Mock” graded student papers
  • Learned UVU’s grading software program

Teaching Assistant                                                                         September 2006-April 2007               Weber State University          

  • Helped teach the Weber State Ballroom club.
  • Attended weekly practices
  • Taught sections of the routines
  • Aided in the performances

Professional Development

MTI Luncheon: Engaging students beyond the classroom     November 2014
Colorado State University

  •  Presentation on how teachers can interact with students more to increase engagement and retention.

MTI Luncheon: Graphic Syllabus Design                                                 April 2014
Colorado State University

  • Presentation on how teachers to use graphic design principals to design syllabi to better appeal to students.

MTI Luncheon: Course Design and Video Games                 March 2014
Colorado State University

  • Presentation on how teachers can develop and improve curriculum based on the tenants of video game design.

TILT Short Course: Teaching with Creativity                        March 2014
Colorado State University

  • Series of four seminars focusing on how to develop more creative lesson plans.

 CO300 Summer Pedagogy Workshop                                        May 2013
Colorado State University

  • Discussed information and media literacy, multimodal and digital rhetoric, and assignment design principles in relation to CO300: Writing Arguments.

 MTI Luncheon: Geocaching                                                        February 2013
Colorado State University

  • Presentation on how to incorporate games, play, and movement within the [composition] classroom.

 UD Composition Workshop                                                            November 2012
Colorado State University

  • “Going Multimodal in the Stone Age Classroom” explored strategies for integrating multimodal writing assignments and activities in classrooms without technology.

MTI Luncheon: Leadership in the Classroom                        September 2012
Colorado State University

  • Presentation on how to develop “teachership” in the classroom.

TILT Short Course: Academic Integrity                                April 2012
Colorado State University

  • Series of four seminars focusing on how to promote academic integrity in the classroom. Strategies for prevention and handling plagiarism and cheating were discussed.

CO300 Planning Workshop                                                May 2012
Colorado State University

  • Attended half-day workshop working with other CO300 instructors to plan syllabi that work towards course goals, outline course assignments, and discuss how texts can support those assignments.

CO300 Textbook Workshops                                            Spring 2012
Colorado State University

  • Attended workshops discussing textbook choices for CO300
CO300 Workshop                                                                   February 2012                          Colorado State University      
  • Attended workshop series with Dr. Laura Thompson to learn and discuss objectives and teaching methods for CO300

Professional Internship Experience                                  January 2009-May 2010                Colorado State University      

  • Professional development program through CSU English department
  • Met every other week with Composition faculty
  • Discussed both teaching and professional development.
Pedagogy Group                                                           August 2008-December 2008
Colorado State University      
  • Met with Special Instructor David Bowen and other GTAs
  • Work through teaching strategies
  • Observed one of Mr. Bowen’s CO150 classes
  • Met individually with him for grading conferences

E607: Teaching Writing                                                August 2008-December 2008  Colorado State University      

  • Discussed teaching strategies and some composition theory
  • Dr. Sarah Sloane emphasized teaching writing through rhetoric


English Department Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Committee  August 2014-Present

Colorado State University

  • Represented the perspectives and needs of non-tenure-track faculty in the English department.

 Your Vision Our Focus                                                                         October 2014
Colorado State University

  • Worked with other faculty members to develop and lead a writing workshop for high school seniors prior to them writing for a scholarship competition. After the workshop, we read, ranked, and awarded scholarships to the top three essays.

 Your Vision Our Focus                                                                         September 2013
Colorado State University

 CO150 Textbook Committee                                                               Spring 2013
Colorado State University

  • Reviewed textbooks to create a list of recommended texts for CO150: College Composition.