MA in English Literature                                                   May 2010

Colorado State University                                                             GPA: 3.857

  • Throughout my time at CSU I have focused on critical theory and popular culture.
  • Thesis: Voices that Resonate: Popular Music Subverting and Reinforcing the Rape Script
    • I use several theoretical frameworks in my analysis ranging from psychoanalytic to somatic to post-structural theories of gender to discuss how rape is legitimized through discursive power. Using popular music as primary texts, I analyze how these texts contribute and sometimes resist dominant rape scripts.
    • Passed with distinction.
  • Relevant coursework:
    • E635: Animality Studies
    • E630D: Representing the Body
    • E630D: Early Modern British Literature- Theories of Difference
    • E630C: New Somatic Theory
    • E615: Recent Theories
    • E607: Teaching Methods
    • E600: Research Methods

BA in English Literature                                                   April 24, 2010

Utah Valley University                                                                  GPA: 3.61

  • The majority of my work at UVU focused on literature and gender studies. As I moved closer to graduating my interests moved to popular culture texts but still focusing on gender. The most influencial courses for me were theory based.
  • Relevant coursework:
    • ENGL 4950: Senior Seminar
    • ENGL 3890: Contemporary Critical Approach to Literature
    • ENGL 3620: Tudor British Literature
    • ENGL 3610: British Literature- Beginning to 1500
    • ENGL 3530: Modern American Literature
    • ENGL 3520: Literature of the American Renissance 
    • ENGL 3090: Advanced Writing for English Majors
    • ENGL 3040: History of the Enligh Language
    • ENGL 3010: Rhetorical Theory
    • ENGL 2730: Intro to Gender Studies
  • During my BA I took 4 semesters (18 credit hours) of Spanish.
  • I also took several ballroom dance courses and was on the ballroom dance reserve team.